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Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies

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As you work toward your future professional goals, review the related information at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Keys to Success

In order to be successful in the Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies degree program, students should be detail-oriented, organized, efficient, and ready to adapt as part of a team. Working as part of a team and being able to adapt between varying project demands are useful abilities to have over the course of the program.

Because South College maintains small class sizes, you’ll receive professional guidance from your instructors.

Continuing Education

South College also offers a Certificate in Paralegal Studies for students who have already completed a degree, and a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies for students with a range of career goals.

After completing the Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies degree, many students choose to pursue certification. Although this is voluntary, certification through organizations like The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) improves employment opportunities for paralegals and legal assistants. In order to maintain certification, 50 hours of continuing education are required during the 5-year certification period.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental theoretical legal concepts necessary for an entry-level paralegal position under the direction and supervision of a licensed attorney.

Learning Outcome #2

Students will develop legal research, writing, and drafting skills necessary for an entry-level paralegal position under the direction and supervision of a licensed attorney.

Learning Outcome #3

Students will demonstrate knowledge of appropriate professional and ethical responsibilities as set forth in the rules of professional responsibility and other related guidelines, laws, and directives.

Accreditation or Approval


The South College Certificate in Paralegal Studies, Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies, and the Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies programs offered at the Knoxville campus are approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) Standing Committee on Paralegals (321 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654-4778,


Consumer Information

Amounts for tuition, fees, books, and supplies are subject to change. South College follows the required methodology provided by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission for the reporting of employment information for graduates. This information is compiled on an annual basis and published via the institution website each year for graduates during the most recently completed reporting year (July 1-June 30). For more detailed information related to the calculation of graduate employment rates, please click here.

Success at South College

Shawn Domm

I chose South College because it came highly recommended from mentors of mine, the faculty is second to none, and the program fits my ever-changing lifestyle. I also chose it because of the flexibility. My wife is still serving in the United States Air Force on Active Duty, and this means that we move when they tell us to move.

- Shawn Domm, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Elizabeth Ferichs

One of the major reasons I chose South College was for the smaller class sizes. It allows more one-on-one time between students and professors, which enhances the learning experience for me.

- Elizabeth Frerichs, Bachelor of Science in Health Science
Adam Hatcher

I went to college originally straight out of high school with the intent of majoring in musical performance with a concentration in theoretical studies. I was not prepared to for college at that point, so I decided to gain some experience and maturity by joining the work force full-time. After working for 10 years, I felt it was time to try school again.

- Adam Hatcher, Bachelor of Business Administration
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