Transfer Information


Undergraduate – Credit for transfer work may be given if it was taken at an accredited collegiate institution, if it is equivalent to courses offered at South College, and if it carries a grade of C or better. Any coursework older than seven years, regardless of the institution at which it was taken, may be denied transfer credit due to the material being determined outdated. This also applies to courses taken at South College/Knoxville Business College/South College-Asheville. Transfer credit will not be given for developmental courses such as basic mathematics or English, or for skills courses such as keyboarding. Other skill courses completed, such as computer courses and medical lab courses, will be reviewed on an individual basis. Students should consult with the Registrar about questions related to acceptance of transfer credits. The institution reserves the right to request additional information about any courses requested for transfer evaluation.

Credits earned in non-accredited programs or at vocational institutions will not be accepted. Students transferring from such institutions may attempt to earn credit through the credit by examination process. South College does not award credit for experiential learning or for professional certification.

Acceptance of credits earned at other institutions is limited to 75% of the total hours required for the particular degree or certificate program. Credit for transfer work may not be awarded until the applicable official transcripts are received by South College. The final term of coursework must be completed at South College unless approved by the Chief Academic Officer.

The college reserves the right to reject any or all credits from other institutions regardless of their accreditation status. The college reserves the right to refuse transfer credit for courses if the student’s subsequent grades in required courses in the same subject fall below a 2.0 average.

Graduate – Policies for the acceptance of any graduate level transfer credit are determined by the associated program faculty within guidelines determined by the institution. Please review information in the section of the catalog dedicated to the program.

Transfer Specifications and timelimits (By Course)

Dual Enrollment for High School Students

Through this program for outstanding high school seniors, students may pursue collegiate coursework while completing their high school requirements. Students accepted into this program are allowed to enroll part-time or full-time at the college provided they meet course prerequisites and receive permission from their high school principal or counselor.

Students may forfeit the privilege of participating in the program if they receive a grade below a C in their collegiate coursework or their high school average falls below a B. To be considered for this program, a student must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  1. Provide a written recommendation from the principal or counselor.
  2. Have the written consent of the parent or guardian.
  3. Complete the eleventh grade prior to application.
  4. Meet general admission requirements.
  5. Achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in high school work completed.

Further information about this program can be obtained through the Admissions Office.

Transferability of Credits to Other Colleges

Similar to most colleges, the transfer of credit to and from South College can be uncertain for two important reasons. Every campus designs coursework to reflect the integrity and quality of its own degrees/credentials and will want to honor that design in the review and evaluation of transfer work. Moreover, South College students will many times begin work in their major and career field during the first academic year. Every attempt will be made to give students requesting credit transfer to South College a thorough appraisal related to their educational goals at the college. Students considering transfer to other colleges and universities should consult with the registrar at those institutions concerning the courses completed at South College. South College does not guarantee that credits earned at South College will be accepted by another college.