South College

Tennessee Reconnect

A last-dollar scholarship for adults to earn an associate degree or technical certificate.

The South College Reconnect Grant available to Tennessee Reconnect eligible students is offered to provide additional financial assistance and minimize our South College student debt. Our 19 eligible programs are designed to help you make an immediate impact in the career you’ve chosen as you enter the workforce.

What is Tennessee Reconnect?

Tennessee Reconnect was developed to give those who did not complete college after high school an opportunity to reach their goal of a college degree.

As a last-dollar scholarship, Tennessee Reconnect will provide whatever amount remains after your Pell, HOPE, TSAA, and other financial aid funds are applied. The maximum annual award for the 2023-24 year is $5000 and is disbursed over the terms in the year. The award amount varies based on the gift aid and number of credits enrolled in each term. You will want to investigate all your additional financial aid options including:

  • Federal Pell Grants
  • TN Hope Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
  • Tennessee Student Assistance Award (TSAA)
  • VA Benefits
  • Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs

South College is honored to participate in the Tennessee Reconnect program. Our financial aid advisors can answer any questions you have regarding the benefits and availability of funding for this program and our other financial aid options.

Who is Eligible?

Regarding the Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship (TNR) due to the nature and population of eligible students the scholarship is considered as a fund source in the financial aid package. The college has also established the in-house South College Reconnect Grant (SCRG) that is awarded to eligible TNR students. The SCRG is a preset amount awarded each term in the amount preset according to the enrollment status. Any remaining balances after gift aid, TNR and SCRG funds are applied to the account are the responsibility of the student.

Apply for Tennessee Reconnect and work towards your dreams at South College with these simple steps!

Step 1:  Visit: and create an account. You can start your application at any time!

  • Create a login account with the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) by clicking “Create a Login”.
  • Complete the form
  • Once finished, click “Create My Account”
  • After creating your account, log in by clicking “Click here to log in to your account and apply online”
  • Agree to the User Agreement
  • Inside the TSAC Student Portal, choose “Apply for Scholarships”
    • Select Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship Application
    • Complete the application and Click Apply
    • You will be directed to an Application Confirmation Page

TSAC and your Tennessee Reconnect Community will be working with you throughout the Tennessee Reconnect grant process. You can update your application and check your eligibility for the grant by visiting the Student Portal and logging in at

Step 2:  Apply to South College

Step 3:  File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Step 4:  Begin attending classes at least part-time, and you are on your way!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Financial Aid office. We can’t wait to help you earn your college degree and explore options for your dream career!

The South College Reconnect Grant is administered as follows:

  • This Grant cannot be combined with any other type of institutional grant or scholarship.
  • The Grant does not have any cash value. It may be awarded to assist with covering the cost of tuition, fees, and books/required course materials posted to the student’s South College account for an applicable term. A credit balance on the student account will not occur as the result of a South College Reconnect Grant being awarded for any term. Therefore, a stipend due to a credit balance on an account as the result of the South College Reconnect Grant posting will not occur.
  • Eligibility for this Grant is determined on a term by term basis. The student must be eligible for Reconnect as designated through the TSAC/eGrands website.
  • Only undergraduate students pursuing Associate and Certificate level programs are eligible for the South College Reconnect Grant. Program eligibility is restricted to those programs that are designated on the South College website as TN Promise eligible programs. South College may update these programs at its discretion. Students who enroll in a South College Reconnect Grant program will continue to receive the grant as long as all other eligibility criteria have been met and there is no break in enrollment.
  • Students who break enrollment for any reason are subject to updated grant rates as designated by the catalog under which his/her current enrollment falls. The South College Reconnect Grant is subject to change at the discretion of the college. Awards made to eligible students will not change as long as the student maintains continued enrollment and eligibility as outlined above.
  • The Grant disbursement schedule is as follows:

Ground Campus Students:

  • 10 or more hours: $1,000 per term
  • 6-9 hours: $500 per term
  • 1-5 hours: $250 per term

Online Students, please contact Admissions at 865-288-8750 to discuss your financial opportunities with Tennessee Reconnect and the South College Reconnect Grant