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Practical Nursing Certificate

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Keys to Success

Nursing is an art and a science with caring and service as core concepts. The role of the Practical Nurse is to facilitate the optimal independent functioning of persons, alone or in groups, through the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health. The professional nurse will utilize critical thinking and the nursing process to plan and implement care.

Students are expected to value confidentiality, respect, accountability, people’s differences, and preparation to ensure safe clinical practice.

Licensed Practical Nurse at South College

Continuing Education

Additional Information

  • Licensure
    • Upon completion of certificate requirements, each student enrolled in the PN program must make application to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN). Practical/Vocational nurses are prohibited in all states from practicing nursing until the examination is successfully completed and licensure has been granted. Specific information regarding licensure will be provided to the student during the last quarter of the nursing program. Background Check: Students are required to sign an acknowledgment form that they understand that our school background check may not revel potential barriers to licensure in each state. Each Board of Nursing conducts extensive background checks upon application for licensure with that state. Graduation from this program, does not specifically guarantee licensure in each state.

Accreditation or Approval

Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta, and Orlando
The South College Certificate program in Practical Nursing offered at the Parkside Learning Site (Knoxville) received approval from the Tennessee Board of Nursing in February 2018. Approval for the addition of the Nashville Learning site was granted in November 2018. The Certificate program in Practical Nursing was approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing for the Atlanta Learning Site in May 2019 to begin the first class in June 2020. The Certificate program in Practical Nursing was approved by the Florida Board of Nursing for the Orlando Learning Site in November 2021.

Amounts for tuition, fees, books, and supplies are subject to change. South College follows the required methodology provided by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission for the reporting of employment information for graduates. This information is compiled on an annual basis and published via the institution website each year for graduates during the most recently completed reporting year (July 1-June 30). For more detailed information related to the calculation of graduate employment rates, please click here.

Success at South College

South College Knoxville

You never feel like part of a headcount, and you can have conversations with your professors. I don’t think other schools give you the personal touch South College does.

- Lisa Farmer, Bachelor in Nursing (BSN- Accelerated)
Stephanie Sienkiewicz, OTA program at South College

South College is providing me the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful program and receive the education and training I need to be a successful occupational therapy assistant.

- Stephanie Sienkiewicz, Occupational Therapy Assistant
South College Knoxville

It was not something I needed to learn to do, it was something I was supposed to do [becoming a nurse]. After 38 years it was just something that was kicking in.

- Charlie Lee, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
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