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Certificate in Phlebotomy Technician

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Earn your Certificate in Phlebotomy Technician in 3 months and start building your skills today to expand your professional opportunities in the healthcare field.


The 3-month Certificate in Phlebotomy Technician program at South College is designed to prepare you with basic knowledge and skills in collecting blood and non-blood specimens for lab analysis. Upon successfully completing this 1-course certificate program, you will be eligible to sit for the national phlebotomy technician certification examination.

Develop Essential Skills in:
  • Specimen collection and processing
  • Safety and infection control
  • Quality assurance
  • Patient relations
  • Anatomy
  • Professional conduct and ethics

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You May Enjoy This Line of Study If You…

  • Are fascinated by human physiology
  • Want to develop new skills for the healthcare field
  • Are curious about blood collection and transport
  • Like working with other people
  • Have strong communication and interpersonal skills
Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program of study will:

  • Perform blood collection by venipuncture and capillary puncture to obtain high quality specimens for clinical laboratory analysis.
  • Explain the function and structure of the capillaries, veins and arteries, and identify the names and locations of the veins suitable for venous and capillary blood collections, as well as describe the anatomy and physiology of body systems to the extent needed to related basic laboratory tests to common pathologic conditions.
  • Demonstrate safe and effective use of equipment and supplies used for blood collection and specimen transport.
  • Demonstrate safe and aseptic technique and infection control measures in the laboratory environment.
  • Recognize factors that affect procedures and results, and taking appropriate actions within predetermined limits when corrections are indicated.
  • Collect and process blood specimens in a safe manner and according to laboratory protocol and HIPAA regulations.
  • Demonstrate proper patient identification and assure quality of specimens.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of government and industry standards related to the collection of blood.
  • Use effective written and oral communication when interacting with patients and other healthcare workers to improve patient care.
  • Demonstrate professional conduct and interpersonal communication skills with patients, laboratory personnel, other health care professionals, and with the public.
  • Recognize the responsibilities of other laboratory and health care personnel and interact with them with respect for their jobs and patient care.
  • Evaluate and demonstrate knowledge in the legal implications of phlebotomy.
  • Demonstrate professional conduct and appearance.

Admission Requirements

All students must minimally meet the requirements for general admission to South College. General admission to South College does not guarantee admission to the Phlebotomy Technician program. Program admission is not granted until the following is met.

  • Applicant must be 18+ years of age.
  • Applicant must understand that live blood draws and capillary punctures will be performed on students in the classroom.
  • Applicants must pass a background check and drug screen test.