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At South College School of Pharmacy we offer a 3-year accelerated curriculum based entirely in Knoxville, TN. Students have the opportunity to pursue rotation experiences in their third professional year out of area if desired and qualifications are met.

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An Innovative 3-Year PharmD Curriculum

As a student pharmacist at the South College School of Pharmacy, you have the opportunity to complete your Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) in 3 years. Completing your PharmD in 3 years affords you the advantage of entering the workforce one year earlier, or completing your degree and a postgraduate residency in 4 years as opposed to 5 years through a traditional program.

First Professional Year

The first professional year curriculum provides base knowledge needed for student pharmacist to progress towards their professional goals.  Didactic coursework consists of courses such as Biochemistry, Pathophysiology, Integrated Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology, and Pharmaceutics.  All didactic coursework for the first and second professional year is taught at the Knoxville, TN campus by faculty also based at the same campus.

Second Professional Year

The second professional year introduces students to applied knowledge through courses such as Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Abilities Lab.  Students in their second professional year also complete their Introduction to Pharmacy Practice Experiences gaining hands-on pharmacy experience at practice sites.

Third Professional Year

The third professional year sees student pharmacists devoted to advanced pharmacy practice experiences.  These experiences provide for the culmination and application of all that has been learned.  Students complete 9, one-month long rotations.  Rotations can be completed in the greater Knoxville region or students who meet requirements can also choose to go out of area.

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Curriculum and Course Descriptions

Residency Program

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The South College Community Residency Program is an accredited PGY-1 Community Practice Residency designed to be a comprehensive postgraduate experience that advances a pharmacist’s education and training in drug therapy and disease management for patients in the community/ambulatory setting.

The residency prepares the pharmacist for the current and future realities of patient care in a rapidly changing health care environment. It provides opportunities for integrating the pharmaceutical care practice model and practice-based outcomes research in community/ambulatory settings as well as didactic training and progression as a faculty member of the South College School of Pharmacy. 

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Dr. Laura A. Schalliol, PharmD, BCACP, BCGP
Associate Professor and Residency Program Director
South College School of Pharmacy
400 Goody’s Lane, Knoxville, TN 37922

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

In the third year of the PharmD program, students complete nine advanced pharmacy practice experiences or APPEs. During each APPE, students gain immersive, hands-on pharmacy experience, applying everything they’ve learned in the program to provide care for patients under the supervision of a professional pharmacist. Each APPE rotation lasts one month and takes place in a different setting, with rotations in ambulatory care, acute care, community pharmacy, and institutional pharmacy, as well as five elective APPEs of a student’s choosing. During APPEs, students have the opportunity to not only gain valuable experience and make a real impact on the community but also to develop strong connections with potential employers.