Master of Education in Teacher Vision, Mission & Purpose

The School of Education mission, congruent in general and specifically with the mission of South College, places primary emphasis on providing quality undergraduate and graduate opportunities for the intellectual, social, emotional, and professional development of diverse candidates.

Designed in accordance with state, national, and professional standards, the School of Education curricula capitalize on inquiry to advance candidates’ professional growth and career opportunities and to cultivate their ability to think critically, to communicate effectively, and to apply knowledge wisely. Through contemporary modes of delivery, the innovative and research-based content of academic programs exposes candidates to diverse perspectives and skills essential to independent and continuous learning. The professional and career-focused academic programs of the School of Education meet and support local, regional, and national employment needs.

Commensurate with quality academic programs, the School of Education promotes the use of scholarship in education and in practice by supporting and recognizing the scholarly activities of faculty and community partners. Through partnerships with local school districts, the School of Education faculty participates in collaborative inquiry to help ensure that all students learn. The School of Education faculty participates in or provides professional development activities, as consistent with the role of each faculty member.

Recognizing its responsibility to society, the School of Education is committed to working collaboratively with local education entities and with members of the South College teaching community to effect changes in candidate and student achievement. As such, the School of Education encourages its administration, faculty, and staff to invest their expertise in community, professional, and institutional service.