Tuition and Fees
South College Direct Expenses
Tuition ($10,775 per quarter x 12 quarters)$129,300 
Nursing Fee ($195 per quarter x 12 quarters)$2,340 
Technology Fee ($495 per quarter x 12 quarters)$ 5,940 
Graduation Fee$ 300
Subtotal Costs$137,880 
Additional Program-Affiliated Expenses 
Textbooks & Workshops$ 4,000b
Anesthesia Professional Equipment$ 2,750c
Lodging Costs for On-Ground Intensives$ 7,140d,e,f
Subtotal Costs$ 13,890
Student to Resident 
AANA Student Associate Membership ($300)$0
Anesthesia Board Review Software ($575)$0
Clinical Compliance and Tracking Software ($600)$0
Liability Insurance$0
NBCRNA Self-Evaluation Examination (SEE) ($250)$0
Subtotal Costs$0
Totals for Entire DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program$151,770

a These are estimated costs for the entire program. Tuition, fees, and costs are subject to change. Tuition for in-state and out-of-state residents is the same.

b Estimated costs for textbooks and workshops are based on current course requirements.

c Anesthesia professional equipment includes a stethoscope (~$200), precordial earpiece (~$150), and Butterfly iQ ultrasound probe (~$2,399)

d Estimated lodging costs apply to students commuting to Knoxville for on-ground intensives.  This estimate includes 9 intensive weeks for a total of 49 required training days. An additional 5 days are included should the student be required to remain after an intensive for remedial training and retesting.

e Students are required to make their own lodging arrangements for on-ground intensives. Knoxville provides many lodging options for students. The average cost of a hotel room in Knoxville is $105/night single or double occupancy. Block room pricing is available at an area hotel starting at $89/night single or double occupancy. Several extended stay hotels are available in the area for as low as $55/night single or double occupancy. Additionally, some South College students rent vacation homes with 6-7 other classmates for as low as $20/night per student.  Many students pay less than $105/night for lodging.

f Travel costs to and from Knoxville, Tennessee for on-ground intensives will vary based on student selected mode of transportation (ground vs air) and distance traveled. All travel costs are the responsibility of the student.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

All charges are due and payable on or before the registration date for each quarter. Circumstances that prevent a student from adhering to these dates should be discussed with the Business Office. Students attending South College under a grant or loan should confer with the Financial Aid Department concerning the payment of fees. Students attending the college under the G.I. Bill should discuss payment of school fees with the Director of Financial Aid. Tuition and fees are subject to change at the end of any quarter. Failure to make proper payments, unless otherwise cleared with the Business Office, will result in dismissal from the college.

Grades will not be issued, degrees granted, or transcripts furnished until all financial obligations have been satisfied and all college property returned.

Updated September 2023