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If you want a profession where you can help people every day and go home feeling proud of your impact, working in allied health or therapy could be a good fit for you.

Exploring How Allied Health Professionals
Shape Our Healthcare Systems

Allied health professionals provide a wide range of services in health care. They are involved in everything from diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases to applying administrative and management skills to help health care systems run smoothly.

At South College, we offer a variety of Allied Health programs to match your interests and ambitions. Whether you want to assist with dentistry or surgery, work with medical imaging equipment or nuclear medicine, help individuals of all ages to overcome difficulties and live a fuller life, or simply support medical professionals behind the scenes, we can help prepare you to pursue your goals.

Characteristics of Our Allied Health Programs
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Pursue Your Goal of Helping Others

Get started at South College! Find out all you need to know about our Allied Health programs, financial aid available for those who qualify, admission requirements, and more.
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