Dear Current & Prospective Nursing Students:

I am writing to you as the Dean of the School of Nursing at South College, and I am thrilled to communicate our continued commitment to excellence in NCLEX and clinician preparedness. 
At South College, we are dedicated to providing our students with the best resources and support to help them succeed. We understand that successfully completing your courses and preparing for the NCLEX and a career in nursing can be challenging. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive student-centric approach to ensure that our nursing students are well-prepared for their future endeavors.
Our faculty and mentors are experienced healthcare professionals who provide students with the necessary resources to excel on the NCLEX and become successful clinicians. We provide our students with hands-on learning experiences and clinical simulations to ensure that they are prepared for the rigors and challenges of the nursing profession, as well as  recognizing the many associated rewards. 
We also offer individualized mentoring and support for our students to guide them through their nursing studies. Our mentors, faculty advisors, and academic specialists are available to provide guidance and advice on a variety of topics, including NCLEX preparation and clinical practice.
We understand the sacrifices that you may make to be a part of our program and we commit to helping you succeed and clearing the pathway for South College to be the place “Where Dreams Find Direction.”


Dr. Tiffany Skinner DNP, RN, APRN, APN BC 

Dean, School of Nursing 

South College