Career Services

Career services are provided for South College students/graduates and alumni. While the primary focus is to assist students on an individual basis upon graduation, any enrolled student or alumnus may seek employment information through this office.

Although employment in full-time positions cannot be guaranteed, locating field-related employment upon graduation is at the core of the Career Services Department’s operations. As students approach the final quarter of their program, specific, personalized, and individualized instruction is available in various areas of career and professional development including resume and cover letter creation, job searching strategies, networking skills, and interviewing preparation.

In addition to the individualized coaching and advising made available, interested South College students and alumni are encouraged to utilize the other various South College specific career services resources including:


SkillsFirst is an interactive career preparation tool available to all South College students and alumni at no cost. This easy-to-use tool helps with creating resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters, as well as virtual interviewing skills. SkillsFirst provides templates and samples of these career development pieces and provides a direct connection to the student’s designated campus Career Services Representative.

Career Services Webinars

The South College Career Services Department offers a variety of trainings and seminars throughout each month. Covering various topics ranging from job searching to developing professionalism in the workplace, these live sessions are a beneficial tool to collect answers to career and professional development questions and grow additional career development skills. Students and alumni are encouraged to follow South College on their favorite social media platform to receive information about upcoming sessions.

Career Services Preparation Workbook

The trained Career Services professionals at South College have developed a workbook that will help to guide students and alumni to prepare for the job search. From the steps that should be taken to ensure that the job applicant’s phone and email are job search ready to negotiating and accepting the job offer, this book provides the A to Z of job searching.

*Students and alumni who wish to acquire a physical book, should reach out to the Career Services Representative at their designated campus.

Career Services Library

A compilation of resources including books, videos, and websites is available to all South College students and alumni through the South College Career Services Library page. Here, students and alumni will be able to access additional information regarding resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, networking opportunities, and job searching websites.

Currently enrolled students, graduates and alumni should contact their designated campus’ Career Services Representative regarding additional information on career counseling and resources.

Heather Maston, Director of Student Services
Phone: (828) 398-2500

Shaniqua Jenkins, Career Services Advisor
Phone: (470) 322-1218

Krystal Brown, Director of Student Services
Phone: (317) 819-7900


Benjamin Landers – Director of Career & Alumni Services
Phone: (865) 251-1820

Jaime Limbaugh – Career Services Advisor
Phone: (865) 251-1451

Barry Howard – Career Services Advisor
Phone: (629) 802-3000

Emily Bolton, Career Services Advisor
Phone: (865) 288-8786

Amanda Gryskevicz, Career Services Advisor
Phone: 865-392-4725

Melinda Waller – Director of Student Services
Phone: (407) 447-6936

Courtney Martin – Dean of Academic & Student Services
Phone: (724) 720-9520