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Designed around industry needs and insights, our Computer Science and Engineering programs can help you develop the technical, critical thinking, and analytical skills to solve challenging problems in a variety of fields and organizations.

Understanding Computer Science and Engineering Roles

Technology is a huge part of our personal and professional lives, and nearly every industry needs professionals skilled in computer science and engineering. These technical fields provide opportunities for specializing in areas like data science, software development, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, networking, blockchain and cloud computing, and more.

In the Computer Science and Engineering programs at South College, each course is built to teach usable, job-based skills, often through project-based assignments. Whenever possible, our courses align to the content of competitive certifications to provide our graduates with expanded employment opportunities.

Characteristics of Successful Professionals in the Field
  • Strong technical and analytical skillset
  • Passion, perseverance, and attention to detail when solving tough problems
  • Able to work independently or within a team
  • Good at listening to and understanding business and user needs
  • Can effectively communicate ideas and solutions
  • Continually learning and growing within the ever-changing, fast-paced field of technology
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