We believe that South College is

Where dreams find direction

Since South College was founded in 1882, we have focused on serving students by providing quality educational opportunities that have a meaningful impact on their lives.

More than a century ago, fulfilling that mission meant providing a campus where all courses occurred in a classroom at a set time.

Today, it means offering accelerated, hybrid, transfer, and distance learning programs to meet the needs of students who have diverse needs and goals. It means technology that supports the educational classrooms – whether that is on campus or online. Most of all, it means faculty members who are passionate about student learning and success.

South College Programs

South College provides extensive program offerings to support our students. Whatever your goals, South College wants to support you with a program that fits your schedule and preferred learning modality.

8 campuses plus online across 50 states

100+ programs & concentrations

17,000 graduates and over 11,000 active students


Choose Your Program

Please review South College’s array of programs and choose the one that best matches your interests.  Also see the South College Course Catalog here for more information.

Computer Science & Engineering
Health Science
Legal Studies
Medical Assisting
Physician Assistant

Programs offered in

Resources Available to Support You!

South College strives to support you holistically through the entire program and beyond.

In Your Classes – Your online classes are available whenever and wherever you are. We know you need access and support at the click of a button.

As a Student – Sometimes, everything outside of the classroom is the hardest part of being a student. We are available and ready to support you along the way.

Graduation & Beyond – Graduation is an incredible achievement, but our journey together does not stop there. Ensuring students are prepared to tackle their dreams is our mission.

Canvas Dashboard

This is an example of what your dashboard will look like as an online learner at South College. The left menu has options for resources and contacts. The main section shows access to Student Resources, Library, and current courses. The task bar on the right maintains upcoming due dates and reminders.

Canvas Course Home

Below is an example of what an individual course will look like once logged in.  The same menu options (left) and task bar (right) will be available similar to the Dashboard.  Course Title, contact information, syllabus, and weekly assignments are available in the center section.   The quick access links on the right will navigate you to individual class weeks.  The quick access links on the left will navigate you to course information, such as announcements, grades, and resources.

142 Years of Supporting Students

Your online classroom has many resources available to support your success. Some of our most used classroom features include:

Engaged Classrooms – Multiple methods are in place to streamline your communication with staff and faculty.

Online learning is largely asynchronous – you can learn wherever and whenever fits your schedule.

E-books – Built in books are available in your class any time you are.

Online Library – an entire library available at your fingertips.
Microsoft Office Products – Part of the tools you’ll need as a student.

Your Online classroom has many resources available to support your journey

With over 17,000 graduates, we’re prepared for your success. Some of our most popular features include:

Dedicated Student Success Advisor

Dedicated Financial Aid Officer

Counseling – 24/7 access to obtain immediate assistance and a referral for up to 3 in person sessions with a licensed counselor in your area

Disability Services – Equal access and opportunity to educational programs

Your Student Portal – access to degree/certificate progress audit, financial aid, and student services.  Multiple tutoring resources are available to online students

Reaching your dreams will be the result of personal dedication, hard work, and persistence

We have committed resources to prepare you for your next steps.

Career Services – Career Services staff begin working with students at least 6 months prior to graduation, however, they are available to assist with questions all along your educational journey.

Peer Network – Through student organizations and events, you can keep growing your network and exploring your interests while pursuing your dreams.

Accreditation – South College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Financial Aid is available to those that qualify

Your Financial Aid Officer will guide you through all opportunities and options that are available to help with higher education costs, including determining eligibility for federal, state, institutional, and other options you may qualify for.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is based on a block schedule depending on the number of hours that you are scheduled in each term. The total tuition for your program will be dependent upon how many hours you take per quarter and the number of terms that it takes you to complete the program.

Remember, that we want to be sure to request transcripts from all of your prior schools attended to review for possible transfer credits and will be setting up an appointment with financial aid to discuss your individual eligibility and funding options. South College participates in a number of different financing tools, such as federal student loans, grant programs, scholarships, private loans, and cash payment plans. Once you have completed your FAFSA with your FA Officer, your FAO will be able to better explain the options that you qualify for and work with you to put together a funding plan that best fits your situation based on your eligibility.”

Know your tuition options and fees

Options students have used based on eligibility include:

  • Federal Financial Aid
  • Payment Plans Using Personal Educational Savings
  • Employer Tuition Benefits (TA or Reimbursement)
  • Military Tuition Benefits
  • Student Loans
  • Grants

Your Story at South College

What has stood out to you the most from the online tour?

What will be most important for you as a new student?

How will you succeed as a student at South College?

You’ve Got This.

We will walk side by side as you complete your next steps.  Our goal is to provide support, save time, and ensure you have all the information you need.

Submit your Application
10 minutes
  • Complete your Application – Apply Here
  • Your submitted application provides South College necessary information to build your student file, review your documents, and guide financial advising.
Documents for Admission
10 minutes
  • Congratulations on completing your First Step!
  • These documents you supply will be reviewed to determine your eligibility for admission to the institution.
  • There may be several options that we will review together.
Financial Advising Appointment
Up to 60 minutes
  • You will meet with your Financial Aid Officer.
  • Review your eligible options and what may be needed.
  • Be prepared to complete the FAFSA
    a. At a computer.
    b. Access to taxes.
    c. Up to 60 minutes for first time students.

Here's what to expect from now until you start class

At least one phone check in weekly with your Admissions Officer

Touching base to be sure you are excited, work through challenges, and prepared to start class

Completing any remaining steps (ex: Transcripts, Diplomas)
Financial Aid Follow Up
Your Financial Aid Officer ensures you are confident and that all needed documents are completed
Orientation with your Student Success Advisor
Your Student Success Advisor will orient you through the classroom experience and ensure that you have what you need
Preparation for your start of class

Student ID

Tutoring Services Review

Canvas and Classroom Review

Contact Information and Readiness